This is where I will post links to multimedia such as music, video, and movies that I find worth mentioning. 

Currently I enjoy watching is the documentaries of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

His website is listed here: 

Thus far I have purchased the Earth from Above series but I did notice that the entirety of the Planet Ocean was available to view for free on the internet.

One project that I am beginning is taking snapshots from the Earth From Above series and transforming them into abstract art. Here is a sample of some of the screen captures I have taken. I find these photos absolutely breathtaking in their own right and would encourage anyone who shares my regard for them to invest in the film. Furthermore, they lend themselves towards abstract representation in a medium that I have already worked with.

Stunning Waters Pt. 1

Stunning Waters Pt. 2

Food and Wildlife Conservation Pt. 1 / 4

Food and Wildlife Conservation Pt. 2 / 4

Came across this series of shows - was good to see some of the people from my old job still going at it. Bike Messengering in NYC